Sign Up Procedure

SQLRDS by DBInsight maximises your uptime, security and performance of your SQL Server, and if Murphy's Law does strike then DBInsight will work with you to get your SQL Server back up and running as quickly as possible.

In essence, SQLRDS is a partnership between you as the owner of the SQL Server and DBInsight as the provider of SQL Server management and support.

Ok so how do you signup?

First you log into the SQLRDS Client Portal by clicking the Sign Up button, then click on Order New Services and select one of the SQLRDS service levels :-

  1. SQLRDS Monitor
  2. SQLRDS Standard
  3. SQLRDS Plus
  4. SQLRDS Premium

In addition, you may also select one of the high availability add-ons that is supported by your SQL Server version and edition.

Once you pay the setup fee and the first monthly subscription fee, DBInsight will then contact you to confirm your requirements and your environment details.

You then provide DBInsight with access to your SQL Server, from there DBInsight will deploy the SQLRDS framework related to your SQLRDS service level purchased.

For example, the framework for SQLRDS Standard and above includes :-

  1. SQL Server/Database best practices configurations.
  2. Implementation of the database backup strategy to match your requirements
  3. Implementation of best practice database maintenance.
  4. In-Depth Windows\SQL Server monitoring and alerting
  5. Configuration of your Monitoring web portal, standard dashboards and scheduled reports.
  6. Configuration of high availability and disaster recovery options - if selected

If you are not sure which SQLRDS service level to select then check out Which SQLRDS Level to Choose

SQLRDS Design Service

Not sure about the size of server you need, or perhaps the number of Disks to provision to meet your workload.

No problems! DBInsight's SQLRDS Design Service will assist you in designing an optimal SQL Server environment.

The SQLRDS Design Service covers :-

  1. CPU and Memory to provision
  2. Number of disks to provision, disk type and IO capacity required
  3. Disk partitioning
  4. Backup space and retention requirements
  5. High availability option that best suits
  6. Security requirements
  7. SQL Server licensing
  8. Best fit Cloud instance to choose based on performance and hosting costs

Cloud or Hosted Environments

For Cloud or Hosted deployments, you create an account with your Cloud provider and then select either a Windows + SQL Server virtual machine instance or a Windows virtual machine instance with a Bring Your Own SQL Server licence.

If you choose a high availability add-on option then you will need to provision a secondary SQL Server with the same SQL Server version and edition. Typically the secondary SQL Server will be provisioned in a different availability zone (data centre) but will be within the same virtual private network as the primary SQL Server.

High Availability Add-Ons

SQLRDS by DBInsight offers a number of high availability solutions depending on your SQL Server version and edition and of course budget.

You decide on the high availability option you would like and the databases to be included in the HA deployment. Note you will need to provide at least one secondary server to support the HA implementation.

Note that new databases can be added to the HA implementation, in this case, a support ticket is raised to initiate the process.

The table below presents the high availability options that are supported by the SQLRDS service.

SQL Server Edition

Log Shipping &&

Database Mirroring

Availability Group **

SQL Cluster

SQL Express





SQL Web Edition





SQL Standard Edition **





SQL Enterprise Edition





&& Custom log shipping implementation allows switching primary and secondary roles.
 ** SQL Server 2012 or above. Basic Availability Groups now available for SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition SP1 or above
 ## Not available on AWS or Azure.

SQLRDS Monthly Subscription Payments

On order completion you can choose to pay your monthly subscription using a PayPal account or directly via a Visa/Mastercard credit card either as one off payment or recurring subscription.

Remember you can terminate any time, there are no lock-in contracts, just pay for the current month.